Episode 8

Published on:

23rd Jun 2020

#8 Could COVID office deals prompt businesses to move? - Anthony Walsh, Kate Pilgrim & James Montague, JLL

Working from home has turned out just fine for many people, and now businesses are rethinking how much office space they need, where it should be located, and how it should be designed.

While some companies are delaying decisions until stability returns to the economy, others are negotiating new leases now to take advantage of 'COVID deals'.

So what are these deals? Who is moving into new offices amidst the uncertainty? And how are they thinking about their future office needs?

Hear from a trio of JLL experts: James Montague, director, office leasing - Queensland; Kate Pilgrim, senior director, tenant representation - Victoria; and Anthony Walsh, design director - Australia.

Hosted by Rebecca Kent, content manager, JLL.

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