Episode 12

Published on:

14th Sep 2020

#12 Office density, distancing, and Uber tracking - with Michael Taggart and Sean Pereira, JLL Technologies

Data and accurate analysis of that data will be one of the single defining attributes of businesses to emerge from the health and economic crisis in control and positioned to prosper.

For the workplace, and office buildings, technologies such as sensors, have been introduced and adapted to provide the right data, specifically to help businesses adjust from density to distancing metrics.

But creating work spaces to attract the most talented people, buildings to entice the most desirable companies, or investing capital to come out on top, requires leaders to think more broadly.

Hear from Michael Taggart, Asia Pacific head of go to market, JLL Technologies; and Sean Pereira, Asia Pacific head of business intelligence and analytics, JLL Technologies. 

Host: Rebecca Kent, content manager, JLL

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